2016 Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity

To help prepare our Fraternal Survey for the Supreme Council office, please complete the information requested below. This information will assist us in determining the total number of hours of community service volunteered by our members during 2016.



1. Number of visits you made during 2016 to:

Sick — caring for the sick:
Bereaved — visits of condolence:

2. Number of times you served as a blood donor during 2016:


3. Estimated hours of volunteer service during 2016:

Church Activities — service in all Church related activities:
Community Activities — service in all community related activities:
Youth Activities — service in all youth related activities:
Habitat for Humanity — service in all related projects:
Miscellaneous Activities — service in areas not outlined above:

4. Number of hours of fraternal service during 2016:

Sick/disabled members and their families —
household chores, transportation, tutoring, counseling, etc.: